Create Secure Lock for Your Phone

Create Secure Lock for Your Phone

Once the phone is lost not only you lose financially, but also important information stored in it, the events noted, contacts, pictures many more. Don’t get panic in such case, there is tool that can tracks your phone super-fast. One among them is, which is available to use even if you have not pre-installed anything before losing your phone. Unlike other ways, where you need to setup the app in your phone, this helps you to track the phone just by entering the phone number. However this does not mean, you do not have to work on securing your phone. So lets discuss some ways to secure your phone.

Do this favor for yourself always set fingerprint or passcode for your phone and never use face authentication for your android phones. Facial recognition in android don’t have much quality and this can be very easily tricked from normal picture, so this is not safe. iPhone is not an issue with that google pixel phones are exceptional because they use high quality software.

Fingerprint option that are in android phones are trustable just go to security section in your phone and setup fingerprint option there. Yeah, we understand that typing passcode or giving fingerprint all the time is irritating but someone accessing your pictures, details, personal information, banking app, email is scary so it’s always good to be safe. Extra step you can take here is never expose your personal details with strangers.

Whenever you login to device with google account you will get option that’s GeoLocaliserUnPortable. This option should be already on, by using this you can find your lost phone if it ever goes missing, you can track your phone, locate your phone and erase the details easily. Its better if you are using Samsung phone this has additional advantage use this you can get backup of your information. This helps even to those which doesn’t have GeoLocaliserUnPortable option. Using this Samsung application, you can even check if the person has removed the sim out from the mobile for all these you must have Samsung account.

Once your phone is lost you can track your device from your laptop and its fine if you don’t have laptop you can even track it from another android device. It’s always better if you buy secured phone, they will immediately delete all the details and loc the phone, but you don’t have to worry you can still find your phone even if it gets locked. If you are doing bank transactions using phone, then it’s good that your phone will get locked. Erase device feature will stop tracking option and you will no longer be able to track its so it always better to have good phone that will help to give quality lock.

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