How to Buy Genuine Thai Amulets?

How to Buy Genuine Thai Amulets?

We all know that Thai Amulets brings you good fortune and keeps you safe. Thai Amulets are very special because they are made by monks, it filled with power by praying for weeks. Wearing a fake amulet might boost your confidence that you have amulets, but it will not have any power. So, it’s very important that you always buy genuine amulets.

Its very easy to buy amulets from online websites but weather its real one or fake is quite a puzzle. So how you should differentiate between fake amulets vs real amulets? If you are searching for the methods to find out which is real, and which is fake amulets then here are done guidelines published by you can follow before you purchase amulets.

Tips of buying genuine amulets-what doesn’t work

Photos: I stay in Thailand from past 6 years now have enough knowledge to guide you that weather its fake or real one. Just buy seeing its half inch of surface I can tell you it’s real are fake, but its not possible with photos. Photos are useless when you are trying to find value of amulets that’s displayed.

Material: The type of material used to make amulets doesn’t make any difference when you are trying to find if its fake. You will get to see silver, brass, bronze, clay, Gold, copper, plastic, wood, tin, pewter, stainless steel, bone, ivory all kinds of material amulets will be made of in this planet. Every type of materials can be easily faked.

Problem is that amulets authenticity can be easily faked to make money. Many do this to earn lots and lots of money, but only few experts will be able to make the difference. So, this should be considered to evaluate fraudulent claim for authenticity. Here are the tips which can help you in finding out the difference. Its more on finding weather the amulets seller is genuine or not. This is more about finding about seller, analyzing the truth about amulets the person is selling.

Location where seller reside: Seller of the authentic amulets must reside in Thailand. Any seller from other place will be doubtful so it better to weed out those who are in other places. If your amulet is not getting shipment from Thailand, then there is 90% chance that it’s not genuine amulets.

Sellers of amulets are simply listing it in all shopping portals, or they are creating business hype: Thai amulets sellers are in the field of selling amulets for heartfelt reasons. Reason is that they are Buddhists and they wants to share genuine amulets throughout the world to help people. Price of the Thai amulets are just $100USD not more than that. There is no outrageous claim about Thai amulets magical powers.

Does the amulets seller is selling on your emotions: It means does the amulets seller trying to forge you emotional and sell his amulets? And is that the seller is really making you happy? Is he trying to forge you realize the fortune of those good luck charms? Hype is different in many forms its opposite to how genuine and good intentioned Buddhist sellers represent themselves.

Amulets are sold throughout the world but in that maximum of the Thai amulets are fake. I have seen that that copper and bronze amulets are sold in Chinese store in Thailand at the price of 4 cents for each in a bag of 600 pieces, which is later displayed for sale in eBay for $19.96.

Find the seller who doesn’t create hype for selling and place the order with those sellers who physically reside in Thailand who can take the photo of those amulets. Order with those which are inexpensive, don’t spend more than 100 dollar and just place order for 1 or 2 amulets to check its quality don’t order in bulk at once. Don’t waste your effortful earnings on Thai amulets frauds.

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