Here at Lupus SLE, we strive to provide the most efficient treatments based on your unique situation – we do not believe in general treatments, so everything is individualized.

Keeping Lupus under Control

We will not give you a treatment just because it was efficient for someone else. Everything must be deeply customized based on your actual necessities, potential allergies, symptoms or severity of lupus. We take all these factors into consideration.

Striving for Excellence

We have been rated one of the top ten lupus institutions in the world and we can only thank you for that. While we do want the best for you and we customize each treatment in a friendly environment, we have to thank you for reviewing us and relying on our services.

With us, it is about you only

Lupus can be a nightmare, but we keep it personal. You will not feel different, but part of a supportive group.

Highly customized healthcare

You do not want a limited medical service when dealing with lupus, so we have the ultimate equipment for your needs.

From the comfort of your own bedroom

Worried that you might be stuck in a medical facility? Your quality of life will skyrocket at home, rather than in a hospital.

Multi-awarded and widely recognized institution

We have our research center, so we are one step ahead of other medical institutions – excellence is part of our game.